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    Make it authentic. Five top tips for the perfect fun casino night

    Creating a play casino is not too difficult. Let’s be honest, most casino games are essentially card based – and you can pick up a cheap kitchen table roulette wheel for less than a tenner on eBay. That can be fun when you’ve got some mates around for the night after all, who doesn’t love a games night? But for your big casino night the experience should all be about authenticity, something that any fun casino company worth its salt should know, and bringing the thrill and glamour a real casino to your special event.

    But what are the details to consider when creating your perfect casino night? Here are five key elements to help make your evening go with a bang.


    This is one area where it really is impossible to recreate the real casino experience, without spending an absolute fortune of course.

    While it is simple enough to throw some felt over the coffee table and set up a card school, there’s no doubting that a real life black jack table provides a proper focal point and place for up to seven players to participate with all the correct equipment, such as multiple decks, card shoes and casino grade playing cards.

    Probably the most iconic casino game is roulette. Real casino wheels are 32” in diameter and weigh over 40kg. New, they can cost over £10,000 but can usually be hired from around £199 for the night. A genuine wheel will not only visually wow your guests. The sound of the ball spinning around the mahogany bowl and dropping into the metal pockets will provide an authentic and unforgettable soundtrack to your event. And if making a statement is your intention, the imposing money wheel is always a winner.

    There are plenty of options when it comes to games for your casino themed night. You can read more about them in our previous blog What Games Are Available For Your Casino Themed Party.


    You’ve got the equipment, but now you need the staff. Professional staff allow you to relax and enjoy your great event. An expert company will set-up discreetly and help keep your guests entertained during the evening.

    The croupier, or dealers as they are also called, keep the games running and help answer any questions guests may have about how to play the games.

    If many of your guests don’t know how to play the games, it might be worth setting up a little classroom area, or a masterclass before the games start officially. Either way, your croupiers should be good hosts. Many will have spent time dealing in casinos or on cruise ships, and all should be well trained and able to run the games with style and confidence.

    Your croupiers should also look the part too. Traditionally casino staff wore evening wear and although standards have changed slightly over the years, it is extremely unusual to see dealers in anything other than smart clothing. Croupiers need to be easily identifiable in a crowded casino setting and therefore they will usually be distinctively dressed and wearing a name tag, both for customer service and security reasons.

    Chances are that you are looking to recreate some of that glamour with your casino night, so it’s always worth checking in advance to see what attire your croupiers will be wearing. For that authentic touch, we’d recommend that the staff are dressed uniformly with the classic white shirt and bowtie combination, or with the men in tuxedos and the ladies in matching evening dresses. Name badges are a nice touch too, distinguishing staff from guests at black tie events and helping to build a rapport between the dealer and players.


    Chips are the official currencies in casinos and good quality chips play a massive part in recreating that authentic experience.

    Chips can vary in specification but proper casino specification chips have a more luxurious feel to them and make that distinctive sound that can be heard all around card rooms when riffled.

    Cheap plastic or composite chips are fine for home poker games but lack that authentic feel of genuine casino style clay chips. There is no standard size or weight but it is commonly considered that around 8-9 grams is optimal. Some casinos will also use ceramic chips (or checks as they are sometimes known) and for a really special event you can get a custom set made to your own design for that extra added touch of class.


    Dressing up your venue and adding a theme is a great way to make a statement at your event.

    You can go as classy or as cheesy as you like, and most events companies will have some stock dressings and props to help create the vibe you want

    Themes help give a real focus to your event. Your guests will know what to expect and they should buy into it with enthusiasm – dressing up and really making an effort!

    The most popular themes are the classic James Bond and the cheeky Las Vegas, but you can let your imagination run wild. Some grand venues are so dramatic and imposing that they barely need a prop, while simple drapes, a bit of star cloth, uplighters and props can truly transform even the most mundane hotel function rooms and village halls. Thought out in advance, the theming can extend to all event details, including the invitations, photo booth and other attractions. If the budget extends to it, why not book a 007 lookalike or some dancing Vegas showgirls?

    Fun money

    As with the set dressing, you can really let your imagination run wild with the personal branding of your event.

    Typically you’ll have some kind of voucher system for gaining entry to the games and with a bit of planning it will usually be possible to make fun currency for your event. Banknotes with your company logo, or photos of the guest of honour are not only a neat touch that will raise a smile on the night, they’re also a great keepsake from the evening. If your budget extends to it, you can also create some personalised casino chips for your event – a really classy touch and a memento that will last forever.

    To discuss options for your next fun casino night, why not contact Red Fun Casino and receive a no obligation quote.


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